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Best Builder in NJ Reviews Master Suite Designs

When building a custom home, there are many decisions to make. Starting with the overall style of your home all the way down to details like a door knob. One of the most talked about rooms is the master suite. A master suite consists of a master bedroom with a private bathroom attached. Some even have additional spaces like sitting rooms, dressing rooms, or reading nooks. Essentially, a master suite is a private area of the house where you can go to unwind and relax. Everything in your master suite is for you so if you’re designing your own master suite, you only have to answer to yourself. The best builder in NJ will tell you a master suite is one of the most requested items when it comes to building custom homes. Let’s review some master suite designs and see what works and what doesn’t.

What Should be Included According to the Best Builder in NJ

A master suite starts as a blank box. How you separate that box, how you design that box, and what goes in that box is totally up to you. However, part of the room must be designated for sleeping and also must include a bathroom in order to be considered a suite. Another important factor to consider is storage. Either one extra large or two large closets are commonly found in custom designed master suites. Some like to add extra room in their closet so it functions as a dressing room also. Aside from that, what gets included in your master suite is entirely up to you. Love reading? Consider adding a reading nook by a large window. Add comfortable seating, great lighting, and some cozy accessories and you’re ready for your next reading adventure. Whatever helps you relax is what you should put in your master suite.

Master Suite Floor Plan Ideas

Best builder in NJ helps with floor plans like this image of a bathroom in a sketch plan with the area between fingers help up in full color

The floor plan of your master suite is an important and personal decision. Whether the bathroom goes in the front of the house or the rear is something that only you can decide. Where your house is located usually plays a major role in this. Say, for example, your home is located not far back from a street. Would you prefer to have your sleeping area closer to the street or your bathroom? It is a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. Also, bedrooms don’t need to just be a box. Breaking up the space with either architectural details or design elements can actually help a space feel larger. Not everything needs to be lined up along the walls either. Closets or even a bathroom can be placed in the center of a room to break up a large space.  

Colors Matter Says Best Builder in NJ

Color is one of the driving factors when it comes to design. Some people are calmed by dark colors and feel grounded when surrounded by heavily pigmented colors. Others prefer a spa-like feel and favor light airy colors. The master suite is the single room in a house that is for the homeowner and the homeowner alone. You don’t have to consider anyone else other than yourself when designing your master suite. Whereas guest bathrooms and common living spaces need to be more neutral, a master suite is a space just for you. When it comes to accent colors, approach delicately. Even with a dark design, pops of color only need to be used sparingly. A chair here or a few pillows there is all you need. If you have questions on designing your master suite, call the best builder in NJ, Monetti Custom Homes.

Even the Best Builder in NJ Can’t Make These Decisions

When it comes to your master suite, every detail is your choice. This is one room in your house that is for you and only you. No matter what decisions other people make, ultimately, this room needs to suit you perfectly. Whether the bathroom includes a soaking tub or an oversized shower, whether the bathroom goes in the front or the rear of the house, and the overall color palette is entirely up to you. Custom designed closets are huge bonus of a master suite. The more organized your closet is the easier it is to keep it clean and tidy. On the other hand, a meditation nook might be more important to you. If that is the case, including this in your suite is better for you. The bottom line is that whatever makes you happy is what your master suite should include.

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