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Homes for Sale in Lavallette All Have This in Common

The New Jersey town of Lavallette is located in Ocean County on the Barnegat Peninsula, or as many locals refer to it, the Barrier Island. On one side of the borough is the Silver Bay and on the other side is the Atlantic Ocean. At only ½ mile wide, you may think that the town has little to offer. You could not be more wrong. There are a total of eleven beaches in this tiny town. Having said that, you probably won’t be surprised at what we say next. Homes for sale in Lavallette all have a connection to water. Those who love to spend summer days lounging on the beach along with people who love to take their boat out on the bay or enjoy activities like crabbing can all find a perfect home in Lavallette.

Homes in Lavallette Have a View

A beautiful example of the homes for sale in Lavallette viewed in front of a sunset

Many homes for sale in Lavallette have a great view. Whether you buy a home on the bay side or the ocean side, you will have an ideal view of the gorgeous environment surrounding the house. Sunrise lovers enjoy unparalleled views on the beach each morning. The sunsets aren’t too bad either when viewed from the bayside of town. Even homes that are not directly on the water can have amazing views. One way they achieve this is roof top decks. Another way homes retain their view is with house raising. It is very common to see homes along waterfronts to be raised, but following Hurricane Sandy, many more homes in shore towns all along the East coast. This not only keeps homes protected against flooding, but also allows owners to be able to enjoy views of the water.

Lavallette is a Vacation Town

If you don’t know what we mean when we say vacation town, it isn’t hard to explain. It means that many of the town’s residents do not live there year-round. Most of the people in Lavallette only reside in their homes during the warmer months. These people are referred to as snow birds as they fly into town for the summer season and fly south for the winter. It also means that many homes for sale in Lavallette are ideal for vacation rental properties. For those looking to invest in real estate, a vacation town is. These homes usually remain unoccupied during the winter and are rented out on a weekly basis during the summer. Homes used as rental properties come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate all vacationers needs. This variety in homes also allows a wide range of people to purchase homes for sale in Lavallette.

All Homes for Sale in Lavallette Have Quick Access to Water

Homes for sale in Lavallette are close to the beach

Being on a peninsula means that every single home in Lavallette is not far from water. The Barnegat Peninsula is not very wide. In Lavallette particularly, no home is more than about ¼ mile from water. For water lovers, Lavallette is an ideal town. rates it as one of the top 5 places to live in Ocean County. Both the bay and the ocean provide daily entertainment for residents. On the bay side, boaters love to jet around the bay pulling kids on tubes, wakeboarding with friends, fishing or just simply enjoying the sun and water. When it comes to the ocean, it’s all about the beach. Kids love to play in the sand, surfers enjoy the waves, and sunbathers soak up the rays daily on one of the nine oceanfront beaches.  

The Best Way to Search Homes for Sale in Lavallette

We recommend in any home buying situation, no matter the town, regardless of the budget, that you should work with a realtor. Finding an agent who is based in the town you want to buy in is ideal. No one knows the town better. One realtor we found that is highly experienced and super helpful for anyone searching homes for sale in Lavallette is the Birchler Group. They have three separate offices and one is located in Lavallette. Their realtors have decades of experience and they love to share their love of the shore towns of NJ.

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