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Toms River SEO Terms and Definitions

Toms River SEO is confusing as seen on this curly haired person who has head in hands and an exasperated look on their face

Let’s start at the beginning. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Services are provided by a number of different types of companies. For small businesses, their best resource for Toms River SEO is their website designer. These professionals are already familiar with the company’s image. This makes it easier for them to identify a targeted audience and, therefore, the most crucial keywords to focus on. In addition, they also are experts in search engine algorithms so they know best how to improve a website’s ranking. SEO is a confusing and involved subject with many perplexing words. Here’s a list of some of the top terms and a short description to help you understand Toms River SEO better.


A complex set of instructions used to solve complicated if-then problems. Search engines use these formulas to determine what websites are the most relevant responses depending on what the user typed in the search bar. Part of this process is rating a websites quality or reliability. Those with low ratings will end up lower in the rankings. Understanding how search engine algorithms work is crucial to providing effective SEO services.

Black Hat Toms River SEO

A frowned-upon technique in the industry, black hat SEO uses deceitful and fraudulent methods to improve rankings for a website. One approach uses hidden text. This is done by making the font the same color as the background or putting text in the code which doesn’t show up on a screen. Redirecting to a different page depending on whether the URL was reached by a human user or a search engine is another black hat technique called cloaking.


Used interchangeably with “search term”, keywords are what are typed into a search bar. They are important in SEO because in order for it to be effective you need to know what your target audience is most likely to search for when looking for a business like yours. It’s great if your website ranks high for certain search terms, but if it doesn’t result in increased traffic, it isn’t helpful.

Search Engine

A search engine is a website that users visit to complete online queries. Using the words typed into the search bar as direction, they search the entire world wide web for websites that are suitable. Results are ranked from most relevant to least in a list on SERPs. As more and more websites began filling up the internet, search engines have had to get smarter and smarter at filtering results using ever-changing algorithms.

Search Term

A series of words entered in a search bar on a search engine. For more information, see “keyword”.


Once a user hits enter on a search, pages and pages of results will appear. These are often referred to as SERPs in the industry. It stands for search engine results pages. They include two different types of results. Organic results are the websites found as a result of search engine algorithms. Alternatively, sponsored results are advertisements. Results are ranked in terms of relevance. They include a title, URL, and a short description explaining how it is relevant to the search term.


Website traffic is a collection of data that tracks incoming and outgoing clicks on a website. It helps website managers and business owners know what parts of a website are most popular and also how visitors arrived at the site. This information helps providers of Toms River SEO services know what search terms to focus on.


Better known as a web address, URL is an acronym for uniform resource locator. Most people will recognize the format as http(s):// The parts of a URL are the protocol (http(s)), a host name (, and an index (index.html).


Users who arrive at a website either by direct entry or via search engine results. The hope for business owners is that each visitor to the website will equal a new customer. Therefore, the more visitors the better. The best way to increase visitor numbers is to improve search engine results. Toms River SEO services are crucial for any small business website or any new website.

Web Crawler

Software that scans the world wide web and copies web pages for search engines to use to improve the user experience. Also known as a spider, a spiderbot, an internet bot, or simply a crawler, this software can “visit” websites without a user instruction to do so. Websites can choose how much of their website they wish to be accessible to crawling. In other words, websites can restrict access to parts of a site to crawlers to improve speed and user interaction.

White Hat Toms River SEO

Toms River SEO services that are all above board with search engines. These services have nothing hidden from search engines and includes no deception of what indexers see and what the end user sees. Instead of trying to trick crawlers and search engines like black hat SEO does, white hat SEO techniques actually output content with the intent of getting the attention of potential customers. Expert Toms River SEO services are another level of marketing that every business should consider.

Toms River SEO services help small business websits rank higher in search engine results
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